goin’ goofy

August 16, 2005

love is an epidemic. when you see two people walking hand in hand, kissing, or simply together and unmindful of the things around them, lost in their blissful co-existence, you know it is an epidemic. when you get to read mushy articles like this in blogs throughout the net, you know it’s an epidemic. when you just finished reading the novel love story by erich segal and its sequel, oliver’s story in one sitting (after swearing you won’t read a line of those darn books again in your lifetime!), you know the epidemic is catching on to you. and when you shed a tear or two while reading it, well, you know you just got sucked in! you wanna fall in love again. can’t wait to fall in love again… 

scary, though, this falling in love again stuff. sometimes it is far too easy to just ignore what your heart dictates. to hide from love. but then again, how long can you hide from something that seems to shout its presence from the church pulpit down to the cheapest room in cuneta avenue? how long can you hide from something that is basic to all of us? something that can be triggered by little things? after a long hiatus from love, you somehow crave for it. it may be hidden from the surface but it’s always there, nagging at your sub-consciousness. somehow, you seem to long for the act of whispering ‘i love you’ at someone else’s ear. holding her hand. saying inconsequential things and listening to equally banal things. and to be loved by someone you treasure dearly, more than life itself. 

ahh yes… the thought of making love with someone you truly care for, someone you really love. for what is making love without love. a good ol’ fashion quickie, a one-nighter, a friendly-tumble-and-a-quick-goodbye thingy. something reduced to its basic state. lust. pure lust. and then what? tack it in your vanity wall? brag about your latest conquest to like-minded friends over drinks on a friday night? juvenile, don’t ya think so? who’s the man?! I am THE man! whattaguy! of course, you’re still the same person except for one pleasurable night that won’t even last the following morning. an empty feeling and an empty wallet does not love make nor a pleasurable experience worth your while. idiot! 

somehow, along the way, for no apparent reason, an epiphany occurs. a brilliant shaft of light suddenly descend upon you. you want a meaningful relationship. a relationship that will bring life to your being. if not complement it. a mutual relationship that may, if you won’t be an asshole for at least six days out of seven, may last a lifetime.  

reminds me of this scene in phenomenon. travolta’s dying. will you love me for the rest of my life, he asked kyra sedgewick. and to which kyra responded, ‘no, i’ll love you for the rest of mine.’ oops, goosebumps! 

and when you write somthing like this in your blog, you’re definitely been infected by the love virus! 

oh well… aren’t we all goofy when it comes to love?


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