August 19, 2005

i grew up in a household where i was the youngest and thus the most spoiled. never was i exposed to a household where kids were around. never dealt with them. did not know how to deal with them. not until the day my eldest nephew, john, were born. and a year after, my second nephew, paul. they were the joys of my life and my family. you see, for the first six years of their lives, when their father was abroad taking up his doctorate, the kids lived with us together with their mom (a beautiful woman- in and out, hardworking and a gentle soul) and their yayas. those were the happiest days. goin’ home from work tired and stressed-out and here are your nephews meeting you at the door with a hug and a kiss and those angelic smiles in their faces. true indeed are the stories that kids can soothe your wearied soul. the continuous nights of telling stories, adventures you create with them in mind. monkeying around with them. spoofing tv commercials long before it was a mainstay in gag shows. somehow, having my nephews had a profound effect on me. it changed my perspective in life. it made me a better person. they taught me how to be patient and less of a war freak among other things. yes, i get freaky with the slightest provocation. they taught me a lot of things. another nephew and a niece later, they now live in loyola heights, qc. john’s in the 7th grade in ateneo and pauly’s in the 5th grade at kostka. we see each other on occasions. and they still spend a large part of their vacation here in cavite. but still, there is something in my heart that tries to reach out to them.

my affinity with kids is not limited to my nephews. there’s my ex’s nephew. my inaanaks. kids of total strangers. my affection for my nephews and niece, i guess, manifests itself toward other children as well. isn’t it fascinating to see how these children grow up. how they are mold to be better persons, better beings than their parents will ever be. for, in my humble opinion, the challenge lies not in loving your child or providing him with all the material comforts but in molding him to be a good person, a responsible and prodcutive citizen of this country, a morally-upright being.


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