the singularity of it all

September 2, 2005

A close friend of mine has lately been trying to hitch me up with some lady acquaintances of his. He must have thought that being a bachelor in his 30s is an anomaly. And being a gent with good intentions that he is, he took it upon himself to correct this anomaly similar to that of an eye doctor that prescribes correction lenses to those he thought have worse than 20/20 vision. Or he might have visions of himself as Don Quixote of La Mancha trying to ride another hapless, unmarried scumbag into the sunset.

Suddenly, I was thrust into this hellish vortex of being introduced to ladies, beautiful and intelligent as they are, like a pawn being pushed without knowing much about what was happening around him. I am clueless! I have no idea how to respond in such a manner and in such a situation. For in my 30 plus years in this planet, I only had 4 relationships. That fact, of course, discounts the possibility that I’m a man-about-town. Of those four, two were what one might call meaningful. Of those two meaningful relationships, one lasted for eleven years. Yes, eleven years!

This time, this friend of mine is pushing me with someone who already has a beau. I mean, hey, he knows me enough to see that I’m not that brazen! Worse, the girl looks uncannily like a former girlfriend of mine! He talks of how we can tear this lady away from her beloved one. Oh please! And on this I drew a line. Enough is enough.

I hate it when people would ask me why I’m still single all this time. As if I’m some kind of freak from some unknown planet in some distant galaxy. There was even this high school classmate of mine who even questioned my gender. ‘Tang ina! After all these years, this guy has the gall to question my gender! Nuckin’ futs! Sinabunutan ko nga. Not that I have anything against the gay/lesbian movement, but I’m secure in my knowledge that my gender is intact.

But what makes my choice of staying single any less than somebody’s choice of getting married? What makes his choice any better than mine? Sure, there are nights when I would pine for a female companion. Moments when sharp attacks of loneliness would pierce my being. Night after night of empty physical pleasure? But hey, this is my choice. And until I meet the one lady whom I’d like to spend the rest of my life with, I’ll happily stay a bachelor.

Yes, I’m a bachelor in my 30s. And it’s no big deal