a certain statue

January 31, 2007

statues are mementoes from the past. somehow, i can’t help but notice how these statues of the past gets the barest of attention from the passers-by. more than works of art, statues are there, rain or shine, to remind us of a certain chapter in our rich history. more often than not, it reminds us of the personalities that had somehow affected, in a large part or not notwithstanding, our nation’s historical landscape and contributed, good or bad, to who and what we are today.*

this was exactly my sentiment as i was caught by a red light in the junction of paseo de roxas and ayala avenue recently. i can’t help but notice the life-like statues of ninoy and the two avsecom men who went into the plane to escort him down to the tarmac. i’ve always thought of this particular bronze statue as a ninoy statue. just one of those statues paying homage to ninoy and his martyrdom. i never saw the dichotomy that it truly represents.

what struck me most at that particular moment, more than ninoy himself and to which i gave scant notice before, were the two avsecom men beside him. wow! here are these two soldiers that were once part of the much-vaunted and yet most-hated marcos machine of intimidation, their faces frozen for all to see. two faces that represented the evil in what has become a statue of the good and evil! so there they are for posterity’s sake!

can you just imagine the reaction of the sons and the daughters of these two men? their fathers as poster-boys for what was evil during those times of great upheaval. clearly, they are the contra-bidas in that silent drama where the bida stand tall and confident and moments away from the conclusion that we all know by now.

it is a sad thing for the descendants of these two soldiers to see their fathers represented as such – berdugos. but history is history and there is no way of going around it. you just hope that they, the descendants, rise from this episode of their lives and make something of themselves. it is also sad to see one of the descendants of ninoy make a fool of herself in public. but that is another story.

*this explains why we would see men astride a horse. some riding a prancing horse (which meant that that person was killed in battle), some riding a horse whose hoof touches the ground and the other barely touching the ground (wounded in battle) and some on top a motionless horse (pa cute lang).


world trade center

January 17, 2007

world trade center is about the rescue of two new york port authority police with nicholas cage portraying the one of two major characters of the film – sergeant john mcloughlin (the other was will jimeno portrayed by michael pea). this is actually the first motion picture to have dealt with the 9/11 tragedy.

GOD! THIS MOVIE SUCKS! for making me cry like a baby!

rated pg-13 by the mpaa for intense emotional content, this movie proved to be what it is, emotionally intense. 3 minutes into the movie and i was teary-eyed. it kept me crying the whole time! and up until the last drop. darn oliver stone! one moment was an insanity. i was laughing at the same time i was crying! can you imagine that! that was when us marine staff sergeant dave karnes told port authority police will gimeno, “we won’t lose you again. we are the u.s. marines! and you are our mission!”

this is another oliver stone masterpiece. too poignant in its detail and powerful in its execution. masterfully done.

what the movie didn’t show though, was the amount of time and effort that took to rescue john mcloughlin after will jimeno was dug out of the rubble. will jimeno was rescued after 12 hours of being burried alive in the rubble of the wtc. john mcloughlin, on the other hand was rescued after being buried alive for 22 hours. another factual inaccuracy was the identity of the second marine that was with david karnes searching for survivors at ground zero. they portrayed the second marine as a white male while in fact, he was a black man named jason thomas. the reason for this was that the moviemakers couldn’t account for sergeant jason thomas whereabouts before and during the making of the movie.

i only wish i had a box of tissue beside me. my bedsheet’s wet with tears and my tshirt’s soiled with my uhug! eeew!

in a scale of 1 to 5, i give this movie three stars.

nicholas cage as directed by oliver stone