February 13, 2007

senatoriables? i very much doubt it!

but if i am a dimwit, a simpleton or a person whose aim is to further plunge this country into a much deeper quagmire, then i will vote for the following senatorial candidates:

1. antonio trillanes– he of the infamous oakwood mutiny. i’d probably not vote for this guy if he ever run for barangay captain in our place. awed by honasan’s good looks and glib, he chased the rainbow blindly and without much thought and in the end ruined his career and that of hundreds of soldiers under him. trillanes is too naive to be voted to the senate. baka siguro konsehal ng barangay pwede.

2. tito sotto – isn’t it enough that he humored the citizenry with his previous stint in the senate? no mas! there are too much clowns in the senate that it can’t afford another one.

3. tessie aquino-oreta – abba is not anywhere near my idea of good music. i really have no idea why this particular aquino would persist in running for the senate when it was clear during the last senatorial elections that the people did not appreciate her gloating by way of a cha-cha jig. she must be banking on the fact that the filipino people have such a short memory. i hope not. she must have missed erap giving her balato.

4. richard gomez – what can this guy possibly contribute to the senate? hindi kaya baka batukan uli ito ni jinggoy sa senado? mr gomez is the proof to the thesis that fading moviestars would try and jump into the political bandwagon where the picking is much much better than that in the movies.

5. vic magsaysay – this magsaysay is not my guy! remember marcos and the kbl? old crooks never die. or fade. indeed!

6. gregorio honasan – haven’t we had enough of this guy’s mischiefs and misadventures? how many coups did this guy planned and launched? and, if i may ask, how many succeeded? there you go… this guy is getting old before our eyes and he doesn’t seem to change or learned from his failures! destabilizer through and through. can you honestly trust this guy? i bet even his missus won’t!

7. chavit singson – no comment. baka ma-umale pa ako! @#%$%&%*

8. john osmena – ahh, the other half of the balato queen! another balato queen!