a nut case, the losers and a bit of hope

March 7, 2007

good news: more money is in circulation in our economy thanks largely to mr pichay who is spending big time on tv advertisements promoting his candidacy.

bad news: my money or your money? your guess is as good as mine.


fearless election forecast for 2007:

the biggest winners: tito sotto, ping lacson, gringo honasan and joan osmena.

the biggest losers: the filipino people


consolation prize is tessie aquino-oreta on the 24th list with chavit rounding the 25th in the latest sws survey. seems like aquino-oreta’s role in the derailment of erap’s impeachment is etched in the minds of the people forevermore.


unlike his aunt, however, noynoy seems a likeable and decent fella. i’d love to write noynoy in my ballot come election day. but the thing is how can i reconcile mr aquino with the bloody dispersal against the farmers of hacienda luisita? oops! another thing… i am not registered to vote this coming election.


it is now official… let it be known that ms kris aquino aka big bird’s wife is now vehemently opposed to lacson’s program of government which in a nutshell is known by its acronym h.o.p.e.


have you seen mr harvey keh’s email that has been circulatiing the mail circuit of late? isn’t it a pity that a boy with so much future would entertain leaving the country because of garci et al? oh please mr keh, don’t lose hope. look at james yap, the guy’s full of hope.


ricky recto vs. vilma santos? poor ricky… when in fact his only mistake was not having nora aunor for his wife…


if ricky is cain and ralph is abel, then is it safe to assume that vilma is the snake? oops… i haven’t read genesis for a long time now.


everytime i see mr ricky recto on tv being interviewed the more i get the impression that he needed psychiatric treatment immediately.


poor batangas! the province that has given so much of its sons and its sons blood (2nd only to cavite of course!) to the nationalist cause is now being lorded over by a jueteng lord and a nut case.


have you ever noticed the frequency of those people climbing the monster billboards of edsa just to show-off or attempt to jump from them? i just heard a reporter (from gma news) ask somebody on ways on how to curb these people from climbing the billboards. duh! why don’t you stop covering these sideshows for a start.


mike enriquez: malalaman po natin kung ilan nga ba ang anak ni sen. ramon revilla sa aming pagbabalik…

kahit po wag na kayong bumalik. who the fuck really cares, mr enriquez, how many children the imbecile of a senator sired in his lifetime? and you call this news mr enriquez? go to belo’s for a change and have a facial. you’ve been patronizing maalikaya for the longest time it’s addling your brain.


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