nikki’s folly

March 20, 2007

the plight of ka satur is indicative of the growing confidence of gma and her minions to thumb their noses at the people and ignore the rule of law and/or manipulate the law in the name of perpetuating themselves in power. and where is this confidence coming from? is it from the shrinking or divided middle forces that find themselves incapable of showing a cohesive opposition to the oppression and the iniquities that are fast becoming the trademarks of this glory-less administration?


if the purpose of muzzling mr ocampo and mr beltran is to neutralize the strength of the legal left’s party list groups then the strategy is backfiring. survey shows that the party list bayan muna is leaving the others behind in a cloud of dust.


lately, gma’s kampi is gathering congressional strength mainly by raiding the ranks of its supposed ally – the lakas-cmd party.


boxing icon manny pacqiuao is raring to fight it out with another opposition stalwart from the south ms darlene antonio custodio. darlene is one of those who signed for the impeachment of ms arroyo last year.


aren’t all of these events linked together to prevent another humiliating impeachment procedure against gma in the next congress? by telling the opposition that gma’s partymates in the coming 14th congress has an overwhelming number and any plan of passing an impeachment complaint would be a futile exercise.


if that is the case, then i would ask ms liza masa to have a plan b and a plan c in any eventuality that she’ll be the next in line to be framed up.


such is the tragedy that is gma that she is left parrying and defending her administration from impeachment and other destabilizing blows. hers is the longest presidential term after marcos. her administration’s legacy? the graft-ridden macapagal boulevard.


i really wouldn’t mind if i vote for fpj-pm the party list if only to have fpj’s daughter ms llamanzares in congress. she seem to be sensible, articulate, intelligent and of the right frame of mind.


tessie aquino-oreta is running for senator using her intials TAO for easy name recall. imagine if she had married an enriquez or an echiverri instead of an oreta! tessie aquino-echiverri?! how i wish! malabanan would surely be more than happy to make her its poster girl. and ohh so apt!


now it can be told that the police are generally inept that the military has to field its own men in metro manila barangays doing police work.


the gall of esperon and company to foist upon the citizenry the very mask of martial rule under the guise of community service. the problem with esperon and those whose toilet-flushed brains came up with this community service thing is that they think the people are dumb and stupid as not to notice this insidious display of might. well general, you are insipid in appearance as in thought.


the similarity between general esperon and the schoolboy that takes another schoolboy’s lunchbox forcefully and under a threat of violence? they are both bullies. the difference is that general esperon is a grown man and in a position of power that knows the right vis-a-vis the wrong and wilfully and knowingly chose to take the side of the wrong.


the militarization of urban centers is just another manifestation of the fascistic tendency of the philippine’s own version of hitler (or should i say mini hitler!) in the person of gma. add to this palparan’s work in the visayas and bulacan, the killings of media and left-leaning personalities nationwide, the growing curtailment of rights (that is guaranteed by the constitution of the republic of the philippines mind you) of the citizenry-at-large and the overt and unabashed muscle-flexing of the afp and the pnp against the people that it should be protecting in the first place.


the arroyo administration’s apparent and seeming unconcern with the glaring human rights violations being committed under its very nose is disquieting at the very least. is there really a bargain between gma and the military that the latter will support the former until 2010 if only the former will let the latter be in pursuing its own agenda against its enemies, real or imagined?


another arroyo’s silence on this matter is quite deafening. pag bad ka, lagot ka… where is the people’s dragon?


ladlad, the group of gays, lesbians and transgenders should be given a voice in congress for this group is truly a representative of one of the marginalized sector of our society. one thing good that came about ladlad’s push for recognition is that it showed the current commissioners of comelec their real personalities – homophobes or homophobics among other major character flaws!


mr remoto’s foray into the limelight first came when the party he is representing was disqualified to be a bona fide party list group. from a party list nominee, he became a senate candidate. lately, he is bent on running as qc’s 3rd congressional district candidate. pabago bago ata ng isip ha. this only proves that mr remoto is indeed a miss remoto! go girl go!


poor nikki. one of those who fought against the extension of the us military bases in the philippines, ms coseteng was the picture of a benign and enlightened bourgeois capitalist. her heart seems to be in the right place and yet… her present run for the senate seems to be eluding her. her only folly was that she took the side of her leading star in the anti-us bases movie — the erstwhile actor erap para sa mahirap.


the u.s. senate is leading the investigation in the recent rise of unsolved political killings and other human rights violations in the philippines. where are these saints when the nicole rape case was being tried in court?


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