a letter to manny

March 23, 2007

dear pacman,

i am writing this letter with pain in my heart.

in this upcoming fight of yours, i wish you well. but i won’t see you fight nor cheer for you as i feverishly did everytime you fought for the glory of the philippines.

this time, i would treat the day of your fight as just like any other ordinary day. i wouldn’t anticipate for it the way i anticipated for your past fights. i wouldn’t talk about you and your fight for days on end like your previous mano-a-manos. i wouldn’t see your fight at sm’s big screen theater and marvel at your boxing prowess. i wouldn’t even watch your fight with solis on tv. nah, this time, i would cool my heels somewhere where there is white sand and salty water and frosty bottles after frosty bottles of san mig light. i wouldn’t gloat if you win. nor sulk if you lose. in fact, i wouldn’t care a hoot whoever wins.

no. i wouldn’t cheer for a person, hero or not, who allow himself to be used by tyrants or near-tyrants.

yours truly,



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