a himmler, a goebbels and a schmuck!

March 25, 2007

Reading the Sunday inquirer makes one think what accounting wizardry the present administration is up to once again. The P1B fund that it has lined up to supposedly feed the hungry is a lofty goal that made pgma’s feathery wings stand out and her halo soothingly visible.

But something about this P1B food-for-the-hungry project reminds me of an equally lofty project in the not so distant past. It’s the P728M fertilizer fund project that turned out to be a farce and a conduit for the large-scale vote buying and massive cheating that occurred in the last election. Let’s see: a coming election, a huge amount of money and the same lofty goal. Now, does the P1B food fund ring a bell? Let’s just wait and see if pgma’s feathery wings turn out to be a tail and her halo into horns. Big, pointed horns.

Will secretary duque turn out to be a jocjoc? What may seem to be unthinkable a decade ago may no longer seem remote nowadays. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

Ronaldo puno has finally decided not to represent the gentle people of hinulugang taktak in congress and instead continue to be the dilg head honcho during the elections and beyond. What was earlier rumored that mr puno will run for congress and contest the speakership of the house (a post which jdv has long appropriated for himself) turned out to be just that – a rumour.

With mr puno continuing at the helm of the local government post, expect stormy days ahead. Expect Gestapo and underhanded tactics being the norm and hare-brained security schemes being implemented for the purpose of securing for pgma the presidency until 2010. Of course, there is no denying that pgma will sit it out until 2010. And there lies the injustice! Itaktak mo, itaktak mo. Takatakatakatakatakatak!

With the triumvirate of puno, ermita and esperon firmly occupying what, for tol mike, can arguably be described as the center of power, are we seeing the dawning of a new age of repression and Nazism? Thinking of these three powerful personalities reminds me of himmler, goebbels and otto von schmuck respectively! Otto von schmuck who?! a-schmuck-by-any-other-name-is-a-schmuck that’s who!

There is no doubting the fact that once upon a time, Ltsg Antonio trillanes was a young officer of courage, integrity and loyalty. Young and full of idealism, trillanes wrote a paper tackling the subject of corruption in the Philippine navy. In it he cited a certain naval officer that turned around a once corrupt training unit of the Philippine navy into a model unit. In his own strong words reminiscent of oakwood, trillanes emphatically stated that, “the complete eradication of corruption was achieved.” And that, “the success of the netc model was a ray of light amidst the darkness of moral decadence.” Thus he concluded that the complete eradication of corruption can be achieved by having a leader that has these primary requisites: 1. political will, 2. technical competence and 3. moral integrity. Hmm… But trillanes’ idealism is overshadowed not by his eager determination to achieve his advocacy but by his naivete. By choosing gringo honasan aka kuya to be his leader, trillanes sealed his own fate and those of hundreds under his’ and his colleagues’ command. Here lies his folly. Choosing gringo to be his magdalo leader violated his own requisites for a strong leader. In the first place, gringo as a political personality has no political will judging from his lackluster performance in congress and in the senate. Gringo as an army colonel (and a baron of his class at that) is technically incompetent judging from the number (nine?) of coup d’etat that he helped plan and launch and which not even one succeeded. Moral integrity? Military adventurism with countless of lives and careers destroyed as a result is not exactly one’s definition of an officer and a gentleman.

It only shows that idealism can only get you so far until your schoolboy naivete yanks you back and give you a good drubbing in the behind. Then reality sinks in. pray tell me, then, why I should vote for ltsg Antonio f. trillanes iv?

The late Philippine star columnist teddy benigno once wrote something about Richard Gomez during the latter’s attempt to get himself into congress under the party-list group m.a.d. and if my senile mind will permit, mr benigno described mr Gomez’ foray into elective politics as ‘absolutely hilarious’. And that mr gomez should go back to his cave and/or the planet where he came from (obviously not the same planet as us humans). Teddy benigno must be smiling at his grave right now. a good number of pinoy folks share his observations about mr richard Gomez’ entry into the senatorial derby as absolutely hilarious. but no one is laughing at the joke that is Richard Gomez. Which is quite sad. Richard, you’re trying too hard pare. Let go. Maga-fence fence ka na lang muna bro.

Pare 1: pare, what can you tell me about cesar montano. You know, the actor that decided at the very last moment to join the senatorial fray? any achievement? goals and platforms of government? hopes for the people and/or the nation?
Pare 2: ah si cesar?! ang ganda ng asawa nun pre! si sunshine cruz…

So ms. Tessie aquino-oreta has apologized on tv. A case of better late than never? I dunno but at least trillanes has his idealism to speak of.

Ma’am, a contrived contrition does not make it. Sincerity does. But thanks for the effort anyway.


2 Responses to “a himmler, a goebbels and a schmuck!”

  1. PositivePinoy said

    Naniniwala ako sa sinseridad ni Cesar Montano.
    I read his advocacies at cesarmontano.wordpress.com

    Naniniwala ako na kaya nyang maglingkod sa bayan ng may integridad at katapatan.

    Bigyan natin sya ng pagkakataon.

  2. budge said

    dear positive pinoy,

    sir, please don’t get me wrong. there is really nothing wrong with cesar montano as a person. but i think that it is a different thing for mr montano to run for the senate. at hindi rin naman siguro masama kung bigyan natin si cesar montano ng pagkakataon na makapagsilbi sa bayan. but the thing is, our country is in such a bind that we just can’t give every tom, dick and harry the chance to serve the people in the senate. this is not something that can best be served through trial and error. i just think that mr montano can contribute more to the filipino people in another capacity.
    alam mo, this critique is not for mr montano alone. look at the list of personalities wanting to be a senator…

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