salamat sa iyo

May 25, 2007

mayroon palang mga pangyayari

na ura-urada

at walang kasablay-sablay,

na nakapagpapatibok ng puso

sa unang tingin

at walang kakurap-kurap.

minsan ko nang naranasan ang ganito

hmm… nakalulula

at binabalik-balikan

ang alaalang sadyang nakakapagpa-uga

ng kalamnan

at kasu-kasuan.

at ngayon, muling ibinabalik sa akin,

dala ng iyong mga ngiti

at matang tila nangungusap

ang bugso ng damdaming

matagal ng naibaon sa limot.

salamat sa iyo…



’tis a bad year for the balimbings. the people have seen through their machinations and decided they do not want anything to do with these people.

not even the gang of the most popular noontime show in the land today can save what, from the beginning, is a doomed campaign.

makati canvassing:

jejomar binay: 198,000 (votes more or less)

lito lapid: 10,000 (votes more or less)

pare 1: seems like leon guerrero just fell off his horse.

pare 2: more like he jumped off from the top of the 30 plus storey makati city hall!

before: 44 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws

now: 44 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws

that was manny pacqiuao’s latest fight record until he was KO’d bigtime by ms darlene antonino custodio.


the words ‘diminutive’ and ‘petite’ seems to be in vogue nowadays. thanks to supergirl darlene custodio who did the unexpected. when all the macho gringos of mexico were battered and floored by our very own manny pacquiao, can one really expect a giggling size of a schoolgirl knocked the wind out of the people’s champ? but she did it. convincingly and with a lot of elan and class.

i have this gut feeling that manny would have won if only fg mike arroyo was around.

one thing good happened in this year’s elections. the taartits woke up to a new reality in philippine politics. they found out, much to their dismay, that the people aren’t voting for them simply because of their good looks and popularity. let’s face it, what have these movie superstars done in the senate? asiong, asiong jr, anak ng panday, leon guerrero, nardong putik, et al? aside from the zzzz’s and the uhmmm’s, (and ooops! the carabao law) were they able to contribute anything for the good of the nation? thank god the electorate have wisened up!

one taartits is even proud to say that whenever they make movies in the slum areas, they would immerse themselves with the squatters and thus, gaining an insight on their problems and their hopes and thus, oneness with the mahihirap. good for you! but to equate this with running for the senate? is immersion with the squatters for a week enough qualification for them to run? as dave chappell and david letterman would put it–whaaat??? si sir naman, nagpapatawa! kala ko pa naman siryosong aktor si sir… komedyante pala!

don’t get me wrong. i have nothing against these movie idols voicing out their opinions, albeit asinine at times. i would even waste two hours of my time, if given a free ticket, a supersize coke light and a bag of popcorn, just to watch their movie (i heard that mr cesar montano did well in his last movie but never really had the time and the initiative to see it). but for them to run for the senate is another thing. please, let us not make the senate a depository of muck and filth. we have enough of them in the lower house.

a bicolano he is not (he is actually 1 part ilonggo and 1 part pampangueno). but because gma is his mother and he is in dire need of a career, he is now a congressman from the 1st district of camarines sur. oh! how i wish i have a mother like his’… ngiii!

golly! it cost prospero pichay close to P200 MILLION to lose the election. and trillanes P15 MILLION (of ms madrigal’s money) to hover in the magic 12. that’s quite a difference considering that pichay is not related to lucio tan or the zobels.

poor mr pichay! if only he have known that he can spend a much lesser amount of money to run for the senate, he would have launched a coup d’etat against gma last year!

is it a coincidence that there is less cheating in this year’s elections compared to the 2004 elections and fg mike arroyo out of action and convalescing at la vista? the mind is willing but the flesh is weak?

all things point to a massive election fraud from the 1st district of camarines sur to maguindanao to the pronouncement of tu spokesperson tonypet albano on the day after the elections that tu will trounce go 12-0.

one thing is missing though. when the fat man failed to sing, the whole thing began scrambling down.

honasan and trillanes is in. omigosh! just when you thought that the people have wisened up with their electoral choices comes two names that we can do better without. but considering the heavy anti-gma sentiment hereabouts, it is no longer a surprise that the electorate will vote for these two personalities that launched a coup against gma.

senator trillanes? isn’t this a slap at esperon’s face? i bet that if esperon run for the senate, victor wood will have garnered more votes. or joselito cayetano.

thank god, garci lost!

in the final analysis, no matter how gma and her minions and, hehehe, tony lopez put a slant on this, 2007 was a vote against gma and her machiavellian policies.


this guy is not a cebuano but he is called dong. he made a run for the senate in 2004 and failed. now, he ran for congress and again failed. who is this guy?

senator lito lapid on the english language: marunong naman akong mag yes or no at ladies and gentlemen…

cesar montano on pork barrel: …(we) should utilize the proper utilization of the (pork barrel)…


another case of double redundancy, este, redundancy, this time on the senate, is when montano wins and lapid loses in his bid in makati and therefore retains his old seat in the senate. dalawang bobo sa senado.

another example of kamangmangan from another actor running for the senate…

tito sotto on the aquino bugging incident: …kung wala ka namang tinatago e bakit ka matatakot?

hasn’t the good comedian heard of the right to privacy guaranteed the citizens by the constitution itself? isn’t this statement the height of ignorance. this is the sort of argument one would hear in local barbershops and groups of tricycle drivers waiting for their passengers. i am not sure if tito sen is playing it to the masa (to display his masa appeal) or simply hi-fiveing his ignorance. i am inclined to believe that it’s the latter. coming from a former senator, that statement is truly asinine!

now, who among the three is the dumb, the dumberer and the dumberest?

it is easy to forgive these clowns for their intellectually-challenged insights. but what about the chairman of the commission on elections – atty benjamin abalos? when asked to comment (in his capacity as comelec chair) on the unusual upsurge in violence happening nationwide, this was what he had to say: “grabe! tsk… tsk..”

the butcher palparan, as the principal nominee of the party-list bantay, is campaigning nationwide with malacanang and the afp top brass as his backers. a soldier in bulacan was even shot dead pretending to be a civilian posting bantay propaganda materials.

there is a strong indication that soldiers nationwide were being mobilized to help in the campaign not only of palparan’s bantay but also of the other government-supported party-list groups.

it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the iglesia ni kristo turned out to be the second biggest block voter in the coming elections. next to the afp.

i once have a tuta named bantay.

gringo met with gma in malacanang. hohumm…. i wonder what wonderful deals these two are cookin’… i wonder what mischief will happen to our country next…

they never learn… the dilg head tried at the very last hour to serve another suspension order on binay through his usec marius corpus. of course, binay evaded the order by saying it was served beyond office hours. the impasse was resolved only after they both agreed to serve the suspension order this monday. which, as we all know by now, will never happen as dilg sec puno deferred serving the order until after the election. and if binay lose to lapid, the suspension order will become moot and academic. whaaaaaaaat?! so why serve the suspension order on that day in the first place? but again, as we all know, binay wouldn’t let himself lose to lapid, if he can help it. as lapid would probably say of the dilg head, ‘looser!’

but then again, have you forgotten the ramos-remulla tussle when first caviteno and cavite primus maximus juanito remulla, who was then sitting governor, was beaten in remulla country by a tiny wisp of a nincompoop (what was his name again?)courtesy of then prez ramos. outwitted, outgunned and outnumbered. that was how it was when a guv go against a president. what more a mayor? kahit ba makati pa yan e. but hey, gma ain’t no ramos.

have you ever experienced seeing something in the newspaper that would make you wanna laugh out loud or vomit in disgust? this was exactly how i felt when i saw in the inquirer esperon’s expression of ignorance when he was likened by sen salonga to the late fabian ver. ‘clueless’ as to why he was likened to the late great (ver was the ultimate ‘tuta’) ver, esperon tried to cover his ignorance with more of his now patented ignorance. if only men and women are not being killed and/or are disappearing in a faster rate than during the martial law years, that inquirer article would indeed be laughable.

so general esperon, from what floor will you jump? the 8th or the 26th floor?

pichay has lately been feeding press releases to the major news organizations. in the news lately was an article saying that the ilocanos will be voting for him because his mother is originally from isabela. another said that due to pichay’s over-exposure in tv advertisements, he was gaining ground in the latest surveys conducted by both sws and pulse asia.

is pichay conditioning my mind so that when he actually win a senatorial slot, it wouldn’t be said that he won through massive cheating? let’s face it, pichay will only be proclaimed a senator if he is part of some organized and massive cheating scheme. does dagdag-bawas ring a bell?

the same goes true with singson, magsaysay, defensor and much of TU.

what genius a man has to have come up with the concept of dagdag-bawas! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s johnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!