sumptuous ak-47
i once had a bottle or two of san mig light at gilligan’s park square with a couple of female friends. these female friends of mine would often go to gilligan’s every 15th and 30th of the month so they know what and what not to order. knowing that i’m fond of having good ‘pulutan’ while drinking beer, they ordered two dishes for me. one was sisig and the other was adobong kangkong. they ordered hilaw na mangga with bagoong for themselves. as much as ordering sisig for pulutan has lost its novelty and has become such a cliche at bars and other wet-your-beak joints, they insisted on it since gilligan’s sisig was one of the best, daw, that they had. compared to dencio’s or gerry’s grill i guess. but that’s another story. and believe you me, the sisig of gilligan’s was no better than the rest of the other restos around!

gilligan’s adobong kangkong, though, was an instant hit for me. it was not your usual carinderia-sa-kanto adobong kangkong. instead, they chopped the kangkong stalks in 1/3 of an inch sizes giving the kangkong the crunch it would never have if you cooked it whole stem and leaves included.

preparing adobong kangkong is as easy as cooking it. it is also a very cheap and nutritious veggie alternative. it is quite a puzzle, for me, how restaurants can charge Php P80 to Php P120 for a plate of adobong kangkong when you can buy a bunch of kangkong at your local palengke for only Php P5.00!!! the thing is, you can make 3 – 4 plates of adobong kangkong with that one bunch! but what puzzles me no end is why people are buying it at such an outrageous amount of moolah! and again, it is best that we leave that to be told some other time.


anyways, here is what you will need for this dish.

a bunch of kangkong, of course. wash and chop stalks into 1/3 of an inch. leave the immediate stem and leaves for your sinigang.

2 1/2 tablespoon vinegar of course, what is adobo without the vinegar. you can use heinz distilled vinegar (5% acidity) or datu puti 5% acidity.

3-4 tablespoon soy sauce

garlic lots of it! finely chopped.

about half of an onion.

10 thinly-sliced pork (optional) liempo or the part that they use for adobo or sinigang. thinly sliced.

salt a dash of salt

pepper a pinch of pepper

2 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil best to avoid transfat so remember to discard used oil and use new oil everytime.

first, let us fry the thin slices of pork into a tablespoon of cooking oil until golden brown and chicharon-like. heat the wok and cooking oil. when wok is hot, simply put in pork slices, turn the stove into low heat and let the pork slices fry in their own lard. this way, you will avoid those deadly splatters of hot oil everywhere including your face. set aside the pork slices.

into the wok, add the remaining cooking oil. fry garlic when wok is hot. add the onions when garlic is near golden brown.

turn heat to high. kick in the kangkong slices into the wok. quick fry. spritz the vinegar and let it stand half a minute. add the salt and pepper. mix. and finally add the soy sauce. let it simmer for 3 to 5 minutes. add pork slices. mix. turn off heat and transfer adobong kangkong in a nice plate.

you can add msg or knorr seasoning. but why turn an otherwise healthy dish into something that can block your arteries. 🙂