gastronomical delights .05 – zong’s salted egg fried chix

July 29, 2007

we call this dish chicken tempura. but when my friend introduced me to zong (the chinese restaurant at the fort whose come-on is its no-msg dishes) and to this dish with its distinct taste, i fell instantly in love with it! the salted egg fried chicken is uniquely zong and i won’t be surprised if it is one of their bestsellers.

and it is not even hard to prepare. all the ingredients that you will need can be bought in the local marketplace. the challenging part, maybe, is to buy the true itlog na pula which is salted duck egg. nowadays, they also use chicken egg as a substitute for duck egg. salted chicken egg, if i may, is a very poor substitute. it doesn’t give you that distinct salty taste a salted duck egg is known for. the yolk is so much different you will notice the difference at once between a chicken and a duck egg.

i was conned once in buying a salted duck egg when the tindera assured me that what i was buying was duck egg. lo and behold and much to my dismay, it was chicken egg when i opened it! ahh… the lengths people will go to in pursuit of a buck…

two words: caveat emptor.

here are the ingredients that you will need to prepare zong’s chicken tempura:

1 whole chicken breast (deboned and filleted) cut your deboned and filleted chicken breast into bite-size pieces. remember to wash your hands before and after handling chicken.

3 salted duck eggs you will only need the orange hued yolk..

2 tablespoons chinese cooking wine adds zest to this dish.

2 tablespoons fresh milk this will be used as binder mixed together with the chicken egg.

1 egg chicken egg that you will use as binder for your bread crumbs.

2 cups bread crumbs i use the brand KASUGAI bread crumbs. don’t use the breading mixes that fill the supermarket shelves.



prepare the chicken by adding salt and pepper to the sliced, deboned and filleted chicken breast pieces. add cooking wine. add the yolks of the salted duck eggs and gently massage the chicken with it. refrigerate the chicken fillets for an hour.

beat the egg together with the fresh milk. in another container, pour in the two (or more) cups of bread crumbs.

heat the wok. gently dip chicken fillet pieces into the egg-milk mixture and the bread crumbs. fry in low heat. cook until golden brown.

bon appetito!


4 Responses to “gastronomical delights .05 – zong’s salted egg fried chix”

  1. Josh said

    Oh I’m glad you like our Salted Egg Chicken, and “fell instantly in love” is a pretty satisflying comment.
    Btw, the NO MSG wasn’t meant to be a come on but apparently, people read it that way. Even freinds of mine would tell me that “did you know you were famous for not having MSG in your food”
    Come say hello to me the next time you’re in the restaurant, I always like meeting the people behind the blog. —Josh

  2. Jo said

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been trying to think of ways to use the salted eggs (other than making a salted egg and tomato salad to pair with fish) purchased at our local farmers’ market for some time now, and I remembered the deliciously salty and crispy Chicken in Salted Egg Yolk at Zong. Sadly, Zong is no longer just a painful Edsa traffic battle away, as I now reside in California. I will definitely give this a try.

  3. a fernandez said

    hi! thanks for this food hack! 🙂 where to buy salted duck eggs in manila?? thanks.

  4. budge said

    Hi! Most public markets in Manila sell duck eggs.

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