gastronomical delights .07 – max’s fried spring chix

July 31, 2007

now that spring chicken is readily available at your local supermarket, try this recipe that i hope approximates, if not surpass, max’s famous fried spring chicken. thanks to magnolia for making these spring chicken readily accessible to the consumers. and thanks to manang vic for the tip.

this is surely worth the trip to your supermarket.


1 magnolia spring chicken

1 bunch lemongrass leaves

1 unsalted anchor butter

1 medium-sized onion

1 tablespoon peppercorns

2 cubes knorr chicken soup base



1 liter minola cooking oil

step 1:

wash the magnolia spring chicken. pat dry then sprinkle pepper all over. massage with salt.

step 2:

wet the lemongrass leaves and try squeezing it dry. insert it into the chicken cavity.

step 3:

let the chicken stand for an hour.

step 4:

submerge the chicken in a pan full of water. add medium-sized onion, peppercorns, a teaspoon of rock salt and knorr chicken cubes. high heat

step 5:

let it boil. once water is boiling, lower the settings to low heat. boil for half an hour or when chicken is nice and tender.

step 6:

let the chicken cool. coat chicken with unsalted butter.

step 7:

heat pan with 1 liter of cooking oil. set it in high heat. make sure that cooking oil is super hot.

step 8:

lower settings to low heat. submerge half of the chicken into the super hot cooking oil (remove lemongrass before submerging chicken). when golden brown, submerge the other half.

(be careful when placing the chicken onto the pan. the super hot cooking oil has the tendency to overflow. that’s the reason why you have to set the stove to low heat.)

step 9:

enjoy your home-made, juicy and tender max’ spring chicken with garlic rice and fried kamote. or simply by itself.


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