as thoughts pass by — the evil one, berjer and edsa redux

February 25, 2008

tanks and other armored assets start rolling in metro backed up by about 3,000 troops – philippine star.

looks like the ‘evil’ one (neri’s tag, not mine – bcb) has decided to dig in and not give in to the wishes of many an edsa 1 ‘deja-vuers‘. imagine what will happen to gma if ever she relinquishes her hold on power or if ever she was forced out of malacanang. lawsuits left and right would be the least of her problems.

poor luli! she is put in this untenable position where she can no longer defend the sins of her father, the hypocrisy of her mother and the stupidities of her brothers.

as the oscars are being shown live on tv on a holiday, i betcha muslim retailers will be all smiles as brisk sales of pirated copies of these oscar-winning and oscar-nominated movies will characterize the latter part of today and of the days to follow. dee…vd… dee… vd… dee… vd…

how bad history will judge ex-judge ben abalos only time can tell. a lifetime of doing good on the part of the son and, mayhaps, the grandson cannot erase the stigma of being an abalos.

imagine, robbing the people blind of US$130,000,000.00. what gall! what greed!

why is erap so tickled by the idea of being president again? can a convicted plunderer really have a shot at being a president again? hmm…

so the battle for the hearts and the minds of the ‘people’ have begun. now that gma is on the verge of (seemingly for the nth time) being ousted from her eiffel tower, the ‘people’ that she and her family have cheated… este so dishonorably and condescendingly served… oops! the people that she and her family have so enslavingly loved and cared upon [sic] is now so suddenly significant and so suddenly relevant in the all-important power play.

it is so easy to depose a misbehaving president. it is not, as one may suppose, as easy as changing a bad system.

now that the possibility of the ‘evil’ one being removed from malacanang is very real, isn’t it time to think about not only changing the leadership but the system as well. can we not have a timeout in between substitutions and clean the parquet while at it?

a post-gma scenario MUST include structural changes in the system to prevent all these edsas from happening again. it is no longer with a sense of pride for one to be a part of another edsa. the novelty is gone. edsa has become a cliche.

it has become such a vogue nowadays to have a personal recipe of some common, everyday fare such as sinigang na corned beef. or a croatian grilled tilapia. or god forbid eggs sunny side up with a twist of whatever. but beef burger?! isn’t a burger just a lump of beef with salt and pepper in it? ask ray kroc… but what is this burger that one would die for? a burger is a burger is a burger. unless it is wham’s beef burger with blue cheese dressing! (can’t resist the plug. 🙂 )a burger is a burger is a burger. a berjer it is not.

hamburger ham-burg-er noun: a patty of ground meat, usually beef.

hamberjer ham-berj-er noun: a patsy of unusually corrupt greed, este breed.

esperon, commander of the armies of gloria, general of the dark side and loyal servant to evilus maximus is making rounds of all the service command making sure that everybody is in line. in line with what general? in line with the dark side?

all roads leading to metro are closely guarded by the local elements of the pnp and augmented by the personnel and armored equipments of pnp saf.

one can feel an atmosphere of fear in the air. fear of a simultaneous outburst of the people’s wrath?

one word: paranoia

again from the philippine star: friend, foe won’t be spared – gma

“Mrs. Arroyo made the statement even as she maintained that no one in the First Family was involved in anomalous government deals.” –

poor benjamin! totally isolated. a pariah nonpareil. fed to the dogs by the dark side and maligned by the forces of the good.

if only the ex-comelec chair had listened to cory to transfer his allegiance to the forces of the good (that was when cory visited him during the height of the neri expose), e di bida pa siya ngayon ala chavit! tsk tsk tsk

if only neri had continued with his expose, e di bida pa siya ngayon ala clarissa!

so many ifs! who would have thought that a probinsiyanong intsik would be the man of the hour. that could have been abalos or neri. that would have translated to a goodwill of 3 generations of abalos mayors in mandaluyong (maybe four! and a congressman and senator abalos to boot and a clean slate of comelec-related anomalies). speaking of missed opportunities! sayang talaga!

remember himmler, goebbels and otto von schmuck? ohh… they’re very much in the here and the now. they’re very much behind the scenes manipulating, conniving, orchestrating and scheming. and so is tol mike.

i just wish i am a friend of tol mike. i would have been 50k richer! but better to be a friend of ass ex sec manny gaite. you would have been a half a mil richer!

oh well, the bestest friend to have ever is fg. period!


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