labong (bamboo shoots with chicken wings)

September 30, 2008

bamboo shoots with chicken wings

bamboo shoots with chicken wings

first time i cooked this dish, i overshot the runway and had a salty labong in my hands. at that time, i was mindful of the secret my mom shared me in preparing labong. the secret in preparing labong, as told to me by my mom, is to salt ’em up and gently ‘piga-pigain’ the bamboo shoots. but what happened was that i put too much salt on it as opposed to just sprinkling salt on it just so that the bamboo shoots acquire a taste. a most delectable dish, this labong, when done right. and an easy one to prepare and cook, too.


labong (bamboo shoots) 20 pesos worth of shredded bamboo shoots
chicken wings 3 pieces with wingtip chopped off
onions half of an onion sliced horizontally
tomatoes 3 pieces diced
garlic a clove or two of garlic, crushed and then minced

preparing the bamboo shoots
wash the bamboo shoots with baking soda. remember, bamboo shoots may be delectable but you do not know who shred it or the places it had gone to after being harvested. and yes, you’re going to eat this. so better you eat it clean.

rinse the bamboo shoots thoroughly after having soaked it in a large bowl with water and baking soda. then salt it up. but not too much. just right. and leave it be for 5 minutes.

add your purified water onto the large bowl just half the amount of the bamboo shoots that it contains. set aside.

preparing the chicken wings

chop the chicken wings into 1-inch chunks starting from the tip and working your way upwards. you may want to use your rubber mallet in doing this. or better yet, let your suking butcher do it.

having done this, season the chicken chunks with salt and pepper and set it aside for 30 minutes.

the cooking process

1 heat up your wok and add about a couple of tablespoon of oil into it. when oil is hot, add the chicken chunks and brown them a bit.

2 cover the chicken chunks with water and bring it to a boil. lower the heat once boiling and let the chicken chunks simmer until liquid is reduced to about half its original amount. pour the chicken broth into a separate container. remove the chicken chunks from the wok.

3 now, add oil into the wok and saute the garlic. before the garlic turns brown, add the onions and the tomatoes. saute the whole mix for a minute or two before adding chicken chunks.

4 add the labong together with its water and the chicken broth and bring to a boil. if necessary, add more water to cover the labong and chicken chunk mix.

5 lower heat and let it all simmer for 10-15 minutes or until bamboo shoots are tender.

serve with fried liempo or any fried fish and steamed rice.



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