May 1, 2009


the butcher of samar

general palparan



i promised myself to be apolitical and to not write anything about philippine politics here in facebook. in fact, i’ve refrained myself from writing anything political not only here in fb but in my other blogs as well. i’ve gotten calloused by the way this administration has broken every rule in the book. but i just can’t help but comment on this thing about palparan being voted into congress under the party list bantay. it really riled me up. it’s just another manifestation of the brazenness of the gma administration when it comes to shoving into our arse whatever it wants. and doing this with impunity at that. isn’t it pathetic that we, as a people, would simply let gma and her minions do whatever they want to do and get away with it cleanly. from the hello garci scandal, the pidal episode, the piatco terminal, the human rights violations, the nbn-zte fiasco and a lot more that didn’t make it through the headlines. it is simply outrageous that we are letting this happen. they’ve done practically everything to undermine the system that they should be upholding. 

instead of solving the real problems besetting this country- the corruption, the decades old mindanao question, the rights of the indigenous people and other seemingly insurmountable issues, the gma administration seem to be preoccupied in enriching themselves or building a war chest to push their own candidate to capture the 2010 presidency or building a much larger war chest to counter every lawsuit that may come their way once they got booted out of office in 2010. in other words, self-preservation. so what else is new? this did not happen during the cory and fvr administration. but they were not able to answer all the issues besetting the country either. but at least, they contributed something to push our country out of the doldrums.

palparan is nothing but a two-star/bit thug. he;s just another manifestation of the ills the gma administration is all about. how can one let a person who has violated every imaginable human right get voted into congress when, clearly, his party-list bantay didn’t make the cut in the first place. palparan is nothing but a criminal. it’s tiring to see all these shenanigans happen right before our eyes. how can we prevent another occurrence of this type? how can we, as a people, try to stop such brazenness on the part of the powers-that-be?

palparan is just another pawn to (or another vote) to get cha-cha moving in congress. ahh… why is gma so afraid of her shadow that she is so desparate to cling on to the presidency beyond 2010?

clearly, we haven’t matured as a nation. we would vote for every actor, newscaster and trapos out there. i won’t be surprised to see madame auring and diana zubiri voted into congress; and for every mistake that these clowns make, we would just forget everything as if this does not affect our daily lives. corruption has become a way of life and is so accepted by almost every one. it’s one big freak show. when do we learn as a people? learn is the operative word here. we should, on our own little way, educate our neighbors on how not to fall for the promises of these shallow politicians and see them for what they really are- wolves in armani suits who looked after their own interests and not of their constituencies.

educate. educate. educate. let’s do our part before we sink deeper in the muck that we so apathetically, pathetically and unwittingly created for ourselves. start from the grassroots where a lot are prone to promises, the glitter of the personalities and their campaign and the free lunch on every political rally that they attend.

may 2010 is just around the corner and all the viable candidates are not so viable at all. we need someone who has the political will to stop the corruption, the will to say no for every illegal favors being asked of him. someone who can truly usher this nation back to where it was before — when we were the 1st in southeast asia and 2nd only to japan in the whole of asia. i know it’s a momentous task but isn’t it worth the try?

must there be another martial law to keep the people in tow? i think not. but we can definitely change the unethical, immoral things that’s been plaguing this country for so long. all we need is one uber-mensch to clean this up. a strong man maybe but not necessarily a dictator. whoever this person is, he definitely is not included in the list of the viable presidentiable for 2010. one can only hope.

i rest my case. and i just hope that i am still here when we have escaped the vicious cycle that has enveloped us for decades. keeping my fingers crossed.