February 29, 2012

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is no stranger to jokes regarding her sanity. In fact, she has been repeatedly called Brenda (brain-damaged) and Rita (retarded). There was even a joke that she will be modeling for a watch jointly made by Seiko and Patek Philippe named Seikopatek.

These jokes, notwithstanding, the good Senator has proven herself time and time again as a jurist non pareil and at the same time a legislator of good standing. A Ramon Magsaysay awardee for government service, Miriam Defensor Santiago was a trial judge of note and a professor of constitutional and international law before she was called to a ‘higher calling’. She was first elected to the Senate in 1995 after narrowly losing the presidential elections of 1992. In the four times that she ran for the Senate, she only lost once and, that, as a consequence of her position on the Estrada impeachment trial.

But more than these achievements, what drew all these attentions to the lady senator were her antics bordering on the lunacy. The way she speaks, the sound of her voice akin to that of a fingernail screeching on the blackboard, her choice of English words that can only come from dusty, cobwebbish attics, her high-falluting attitude, and the way she laughs in an unnatural and contrived manner are all good soundbites that never failed to get a laugh or two. Or a mocking remark.

True to form, the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona has drawn the best and the worst from Miriam Defensor Santiago. And sadly, the worst always came out on top. Her daily tirades, lectures, bombasts (or whatever you may want to call it) on the prosecution are not lost on the people watching the trial. Of course, the bumbling Mr Tupas and co. and the manner by which they handle their case didn’t help in abating the lady senator’s contempt for them. But this does not excuse Miriam Defensor Santiago, senator or not, in treating the prosecutors in a huff and condescending manner. Senator or not, this is not an excuse for Miriam Defensor Santiago to bully or treat others as an inferior or to grandstand on national tv at the expense of another person.

Lost in all these are the way a public official should act in public or how a person, high or low, should treat a fellow human being. It is a sad commentary that decency is a word largely forgotten in today’s milieu, at least in the Philippine context. And seeing our high officials, elected or appointed, acting in a pompous manner is truly disheartening. Fruit of the poisonous tree, indeed! No pun intended.

It is no wonder that we have been electing the likes of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to public posts. Words like decency and respect have been transplanted by corruption and impropriety, by indecency and disrespect. We have grown calloused as a people as to confuse ‘kagandahang asal’ to acts inimical to it. And we wonder why we can’t line up and wait for our turn buying movie tickets?

And when a bully is confronted by someone who has been bullied and tormented for a long time, what are we to do? High or low, senator or not, we all have our thresholds. After all, we are just human beings with all our frailties. Who among us have not a moment of insanity? And when you are confronted by words like ‘gago’ and other demeaning terms on national tv, would you not have snapped? Would you not have snapped if abused and treated as such, even if you are faced by the prospect of imprisonment?

Now, is it too much to ask the lady Senator from Iloilo and Quezon City and her fellow Senator-judges to give a little leeway to Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre II for his momentary act of insanity? A momentary act that the lady senator only knows too well.


senator lito lapid on the english language: marunong naman akong mag yes or no at ladies and gentlemen…

cesar montano on pork barrel: …(we) should utilize the proper utilization of the (pork barrel)…


another case of double redundancy, este, redundancy, this time on the senate, is when montano wins and lapid loses in his bid in makati and therefore retains his old seat in the senate. dalawang bobo sa senado.

another example of kamangmangan from another actor running for the senate…

tito sotto on the aquino bugging incident: …kung wala ka namang tinatago e bakit ka matatakot?

hasn’t the good comedian heard of the right to privacy guaranteed the citizens by the constitution itself? isn’t this statement the height of ignorance. this is the sort of argument one would hear in local barbershops and groups of tricycle drivers waiting for their passengers. i am not sure if tito sen is playing it to the masa (to display his masa appeal) or simply hi-fiveing his ignorance. i am inclined to believe that it’s the latter. coming from a former senator, that statement is truly asinine!

now, who among the three is the dumb, the dumberer and the dumberest?

it is easy to forgive these clowns for their intellectually-challenged insights. but what about the chairman of the commission on elections – atty benjamin abalos? when asked to comment (in his capacity as comelec chair) on the unusual upsurge in violence happening nationwide, this was what he had to say: “grabe! tsk… tsk..”

the butcher palparan, as the principal nominee of the party-list bantay, is campaigning nationwide with malacanang and the afp top brass as his backers. a soldier in bulacan was even shot dead pretending to be a civilian posting bantay propaganda materials.

there is a strong indication that soldiers nationwide were being mobilized to help in the campaign not only of palparan’s bantay but also of the other government-supported party-list groups.

it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the iglesia ni kristo turned out to be the second biggest block voter in the coming elections. next to the afp.

i once have a tuta named bantay.

gringo met with gma in malacanang. hohumm…. i wonder what wonderful deals these two are cookin’… i wonder what mischief will happen to our country next…

they never learn… the dilg head tried at the very last hour to serve another suspension order on binay through his usec marius corpus. of course, binay evaded the order by saying it was served beyond office hours. the impasse was resolved only after they both agreed to serve the suspension order this monday. which, as we all know by now, will never happen as dilg sec puno deferred serving the order until after the election. and if binay lose to lapid, the suspension order will become moot and academic. whaaaaaaaat?! so why serve the suspension order on that day in the first place? but again, as we all know, binay wouldn’t let himself lose to lapid, if he can help it. as lapid would probably say of the dilg head, ‘looser!’

but then again, have you forgotten the ramos-remulla tussle when first caviteno and cavite primus maximus juanito remulla, who was then sitting governor, was beaten in remulla country by a tiny wisp of a nincompoop (what was his name again?)courtesy of then prez ramos. outwitted, outgunned and outnumbered. that was how it was when a guv go against a president. what more a mayor? kahit ba makati pa yan e. but hey, gma ain’t no ramos.

have you ever experienced seeing something in the newspaper that would make you wanna laugh out loud or vomit in disgust? this was exactly how i felt when i saw in the inquirer esperon’s expression of ignorance when he was likened by sen salonga to the late fabian ver. ‘clueless’ as to why he was likened to the late great (ver was the ultimate ‘tuta’) ver, esperon tried to cover his ignorance with more of his now patented ignorance. if only men and women are not being killed and/or are disappearing in a faster rate than during the martial law years, that inquirer article would indeed be laughable.

so general esperon, from what floor will you jump? the 8th or the 26th floor?

pichay has lately been feeding press releases to the major news organizations. in the news lately was an article saying that the ilocanos will be voting for him because his mother is originally from isabela. another said that due to pichay’s over-exposure in tv advertisements, he was gaining ground in the latest surveys conducted by both sws and pulse asia.

is pichay conditioning my mind so that when he actually win a senatorial slot, it wouldn’t be said that he won through massive cheating? let’s face it, pichay will only be proclaimed a senator if he is part of some organized and massive cheating scheme. does dagdag-bawas ring a bell?

the same goes true with singson, magsaysay, defensor and much of TU.

what genius a man has to have come up with the concept of dagdag-bawas! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s johnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

a certain statue

January 31, 2007

statues are mementoes from the past. somehow, i can’t help but notice how these statues of the past gets the barest of attention from the passers-by. more than works of art, statues are there, rain or shine, to remind us of a certain chapter in our rich history. more often than not, it reminds us of the personalities that had somehow affected, in a large part or not notwithstanding, our nation’s historical landscape and contributed, good or bad, to who and what we are today.*

this was exactly my sentiment as i was caught by a red light in the junction of paseo de roxas and ayala avenue recently. i can’t help but notice the life-like statues of ninoy and the two avsecom men who went into the plane to escort him down to the tarmac. i’ve always thought of this particular bronze statue as a ninoy statue. just one of those statues paying homage to ninoy and his martyrdom. i never saw the dichotomy that it truly represents.

what struck me most at that particular moment, more than ninoy himself and to which i gave scant notice before, were the two avsecom men beside him. wow! here are these two soldiers that were once part of the much-vaunted and yet most-hated marcos machine of intimidation, their faces frozen for all to see. two faces that represented the evil in what has become a statue of the good and evil! so there they are for posterity’s sake!

can you just imagine the reaction of the sons and the daughters of these two men? their fathers as poster-boys for what was evil during those times of great upheaval. clearly, they are the contra-bidas in that silent drama where the bida stand tall and confident and moments away from the conclusion that we all know by now.

it is a sad thing for the descendants of these two soldiers to see their fathers represented as such – berdugos. but history is history and there is no way of going around it. you just hope that they, the descendants, rise from this episode of their lives and make something of themselves. it is also sad to see one of the descendants of ninoy make a fool of herself in public. but that is another story.

*this explains why we would see men astride a horse. some riding a prancing horse (which meant that that person was killed in battle), some riding a horse whose hoof touches the ground and the other barely touching the ground (wounded in battle) and some on top a motionless horse (pa cute lang).

the singularity of it all

September 2, 2005

A close friend of mine has lately been trying to hitch me up with some lady acquaintances of his. He must have thought that being a bachelor in his 30s is an anomaly. And being a gent with good intentions that he is, he took it upon himself to correct this anomaly similar to that of an eye doctor that prescribes correction lenses to those he thought have worse than 20/20 vision. Or he might have visions of himself as Don Quixote of La Mancha trying to ride another hapless, unmarried scumbag into the sunset.

Suddenly, I was thrust into this hellish vortex of being introduced to ladies, beautiful and intelligent as they are, like a pawn being pushed without knowing much about what was happening around him. I am clueless! I have no idea how to respond in such a manner and in such a situation. For in my 30 plus years in this planet, I only had 4 relationships. That fact, of course, discounts the possibility that I’m a man-about-town. Of those four, two were what one might call meaningful. Of those two meaningful relationships, one lasted for eleven years. Yes, eleven years!

This time, this friend of mine is pushing me with someone who already has a beau. I mean, hey, he knows me enough to see that I’m not that brazen! Worse, the girl looks uncannily like a former girlfriend of mine! He talks of how we can tear this lady away from her beloved one. Oh please! And on this I drew a line. Enough is enough.

I hate it when people would ask me why I’m still single all this time. As if I’m some kind of freak from some unknown planet in some distant galaxy. There was even this high school classmate of mine who even questioned my gender. ‘Tang ina! After all these years, this guy has the gall to question my gender! Nuckin’ futs! Sinabunutan ko nga. Not that I have anything against the gay/lesbian movement, but I’m secure in my knowledge that my gender is intact.

But what makes my choice of staying single any less than somebody’s choice of getting married? What makes his choice any better than mine? Sure, there are nights when I would pine for a female companion. Moments when sharp attacks of loneliness would pierce my being. Night after night of empty physical pleasure? But hey, this is my choice. And until I meet the one lady whom I’d like to spend the rest of my life with, I’ll happily stay a bachelor.

Yes, I’m a bachelor in my 30s. And it’s no big deal


August 19, 2005

i grew up in a household where i was the youngest and thus the most spoiled. never was i exposed to a household where kids were around. never dealt with them. did not know how to deal with them. not until the day my eldest nephew, john, were born. and a year after, my second nephew, paul. they were the joys of my life and my family. you see, for the first six years of their lives, when their father was abroad taking up his doctorate, the kids lived with us together with their mom (a beautiful woman- in and out, hardworking and a gentle soul) and their yayas. those were the happiest days. goin’ home from work tired and stressed-out and here are your nephews meeting you at the door with a hug and a kiss and those angelic smiles in their faces. true indeed are the stories that kids can soothe your wearied soul. the continuous nights of telling stories, adventures you create with them in mind. monkeying around with them. spoofing tv commercials long before it was a mainstay in gag shows. somehow, having my nephews had a profound effect on me. it changed my perspective in life. it made me a better person. they taught me how to be patient and less of a war freak among other things. yes, i get freaky with the slightest provocation. they taught me a lot of things. another nephew and a niece later, they now live in loyola heights, qc. john’s in the 7th grade in ateneo and pauly’s in the 5th grade at kostka. we see each other on occasions. and they still spend a large part of their vacation here in cavite. but still, there is something in my heart that tries to reach out to them.

my affinity with kids is not limited to my nephews. there’s my ex’s nephew. my inaanaks. kids of total strangers. my affection for my nephews and niece, i guess, manifests itself toward other children as well. isn’t it fascinating to see how these children grow up. how they are mold to be better persons, better beings than their parents will ever be. for, in my humble opinion, the challenge lies not in loving your child or providing him with all the material comforts but in molding him to be a good person, a responsible and prodcutive citizen of this country, a morally-upright being.

goin’ goofy

August 16, 2005

love is an epidemic. when you see two people walking hand in hand, kissing, or simply together and unmindful of the things around them, lost in their blissful co-existence, you know it is an epidemic. when you get to read mushy articles like this in blogs throughout the net, you know it’s an epidemic. when you just finished reading the novel love story by erich segal and its sequel, oliver’s story in one sitting (after swearing you won’t read a line of those darn books again in your lifetime!), you know the epidemic is catching on to you. and when you shed a tear or two while reading it, well, you know you just got sucked in! you wanna fall in love again. can’t wait to fall in love again… 

scary, though, this falling in love again stuff. sometimes it is far too easy to just ignore what your heart dictates. to hide from love. but then again, how long can you hide from something that seems to shout its presence from the church pulpit down to the cheapest room in cuneta avenue? how long can you hide from something that is basic to all of us? something that can be triggered by little things? after a long hiatus from love, you somehow crave for it. it may be hidden from the surface but it’s always there, nagging at your sub-consciousness. somehow, you seem to long for the act of whispering ‘i love you’ at someone else’s ear. holding her hand. saying inconsequential things and listening to equally banal things. and to be loved by someone you treasure dearly, more than life itself. 

ahh yes… the thought of making love with someone you truly care for, someone you really love. for what is making love without love. a good ol’ fashion quickie, a one-nighter, a friendly-tumble-and-a-quick-goodbye thingy. something reduced to its basic state. lust. pure lust. and then what? tack it in your vanity wall? brag about your latest conquest to like-minded friends over drinks on a friday night? juvenile, don’t ya think so? who’s the man?! I am THE man! whattaguy! of course, you’re still the same person except for one pleasurable night that won’t even last the following morning. an empty feeling and an empty wallet does not love make nor a pleasurable experience worth your while. idiot! 

somehow, along the way, for no apparent reason, an epiphany occurs. a brilliant shaft of light suddenly descend upon you. you want a meaningful relationship. a relationship that will bring life to your being. if not complement it. a mutual relationship that may, if you won’t be an asshole for at least six days out of seven, may last a lifetime.  

reminds me of this scene in phenomenon. travolta’s dying. will you love me for the rest of my life, he asked kyra sedgewick. and to which kyra responded, ‘no, i’ll love you for the rest of mine.’ oops, goosebumps! 

and when you write somthing like this in your blog, you’re definitely been infected by the love virus! 

oh well… aren’t we all goofy when it comes to love?