February 29, 2012

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is no stranger to jokes regarding her sanity. In fact, she has been repeatedly called Brenda (brain-damaged) and Rita (retarded). There was even a joke that she will be modeling for a watch jointly made by Seiko and Patek Philippe named Seikopatek.

These jokes, notwithstanding, the good Senator has proven herself time and time again as a jurist non pareil and at the same time a legislator of good standing. A Ramon Magsaysay awardee for government service, Miriam Defensor Santiago was a trial judge of note and a professor of constitutional and international law before she was called to a ‘higher calling’. She was first elected to the Senate in 1995 after narrowly losing the presidential elections of 1992. In the four times that she ran for the Senate, she only lost once and, that, as a consequence of her position on the Estrada impeachment trial.

But more than these achievements, what drew all these attentions to the lady senator were her antics bordering on the lunacy. The way she speaks, the sound of her voice akin to that of a fingernail screeching on the blackboard, her choice of English words that can only come from dusty, cobwebbish attics, her high-falluting attitude, and the way she laughs in an unnatural and contrived manner are all good soundbites that never failed to get a laugh or two. Or a mocking remark.

True to form, the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona has drawn the best and the worst from Miriam Defensor Santiago. And sadly, the worst always came out on top. Her daily tirades, lectures, bombasts (or whatever you may want to call it) on the prosecution are not lost on the people watching the trial. Of course, the bumbling Mr Tupas and co. and the manner by which they handle their case didn’t help in abating the lady senator’s contempt for them. But this does not excuse Miriam Defensor Santiago, senator or not, in treating the prosecutors in a huff and condescending manner. Senator or not, this is not an excuse for Miriam Defensor Santiago to bully or treat others as an inferior or to grandstand on national tv at the expense of another person.

Lost in all these are the way a public official should act in public or how a person, high or low, should treat a fellow human being. It is a sad commentary that decency is a word largely forgotten in today’s milieu, at least in the Philippine context. And seeing our high officials, elected or appointed, acting in a pompous manner is truly disheartening. Fruit of the poisonous tree, indeed! No pun intended.

It is no wonder that we have been electing the likes of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to public posts. Words like decency and respect have been transplanted by corruption and impropriety, by indecency and disrespect. We have grown calloused as a people as to confuse ‘kagandahang asal’ to acts inimical to it. And we wonder why we can’t line up and wait for our turn buying movie tickets?

And when a bully is confronted by someone who has been bullied and tormented for a long time, what are we to do? High or low, senator or not, we all have our thresholds. After all, we are just human beings with all our frailties. Who among us have not a moment of insanity? And when you are confronted by words like ‘gago’ and other demeaning terms on national tv, would you not have snapped? Would you not have snapped if abused and treated as such, even if you are faced by the prospect of imprisonment?

Now, is it too much to ask the lady Senator from Iloilo and Quezon City and her fellow Senator-judges to give a little leeway to Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre II for his momentary act of insanity? A momentary act that the lady senator only knows too well.


beyond gma

September 2, 2009

everytime a presidential election looms up, the scenario of a no-el always comes up. this time, it’s the automated election and the con-ass (or charter change or whatever they prefer to call it). for the automated election scenario, it may well be looked upon as sourgraping for those who are rooting for their own favored consortium or fear by some that it may change the whole electoral equation as massive cheating may now be eliminated. and if massive cheating is not prevented even with the automated counting of votes , well, so what? we’ve been so calloused and so used to it for as long as our collective memory can recall. as for the con-ass, i hope against hope that gma still has some decency, however small (pun not intended), left in her to leave malacanang at her appointed time. now that we all saw the masses of people who grieved and braved the rains to see the funeral cortege of pres aquino, we can probably bury con-ass as well.

and now that we can move on to a future without gloria, the question we might as well ask ourselves is what lies ahead after gloria. surely, there is no rosy future for our country, at least not in the short term. it still is the same bleak prospect that this nation will be facing. no alleviation of poverty. no graft-free bureaucracy. no change in the quality of our public servants. we can go on and on and quantify the ills that beset our society and, no question about it, our country will still be in the same situation it has been – a poor, graft-ridden country whose self-proclaimed public leaders equate public service to enrichment of their own selves at the expense of the taxpayers and live a life that will make caligula green with envy.

in the face of this grave situation, there is one good news. malacanang will have a new occupant come 2010. democracy is alive and the tyranny that has threatened this poor nation once again has been finally put to its rightful end. for indeed, gma is, so far, the worst president this country has ever seen since the late dictator ferdinand marcos. she is even worse than her disgraced predecessor who as we all know is a convicted plunderer. at least, erap had no intention of clinging on to power beyond his term unlike gloria who not only plunders but planned on plundering more beyond her term of office.

during gloria’s eight-year reign, we have been witnesses to her insincerities (remember her bagiuo i-won’t-run speech add to this when she appeared on tv after the garci fiasco and apologized for her indiscretion but not for the cheating), the high number of media personalities murdered, the resurgence of human rights violations (the melo commission just came short of accusing these violations as state-sponsored policy), denials of what were the obvious (garci tete-a-tete), using legalities for immoral gains, her dictatorial tendencies and unlawful executive orders (eo 464 et al) and most of all the corruption under her administration. what made all of these more galling, mind-blowing, unacceptable and insulting to the filipino people was the way gma and her people handled all these fiascos, from the massive cheating thanks to garci, the jose pidal scandal, the nbn-zte scandal to the latest P1M dinner at new york (to name a few) with flimsy and poorly thought excuses as if implying that she can get away with whatever improprieties she may or would want to commit. it is as if the words shame, decency, dignity and delicadeza are not part of the president’s vocabulary. one can only surmise what kind of upbringing and education she had in her formative years. for intelligence alone does not define what an excellent leader should be.

having a president and so-called public leaders with such low moral standards, is it then a surprise why we filipinos would go follow the example of our so-called leaders? we can see this in our midst and in our daily lives and experiences. in a traffic situation, one would see a car zooming ahead creating a counter-flow. policemen and the lowly mmda, mapsa, pasay chocolate boys accepting bribes in exchange for a ticket violation. judges fixing cases for the accused. this is also true with those tax collectors, customs and immigration officials, land transportation officials and most government bureacrats. and why not? if the highest official in the land together with her husband and their circle of immoral friends can get away with it, why not them? somehow, in our own way of thinking, it is alright to do it as long as our role models do it. perversion is truly contagious.

and what role models these people are! ever since marcos, we have seen these high officials getting rich from graft and people’s money with impunity. in fact, being a congressman, a senator (with the probable exception of juan flavier) or a president has become such a lucrative business that others have tried to become one. it is no wonder why some has-been actors and actresses, now that the local movie industry is practically non-existent, have been trying for some time to make a career change from being thespians to instant politicians. one even stated that having immersed himself with an urban poor community for a week while making a film with these people made him see the problems affecting the country. this guy is a genius! a week with an urban poor community and he already has the solutions to the problems of this country. it was such a relief that he lost his bid for the senate and is now a popular host of a singing contest where he really belongs. the senate today is a far cry from the senate of yesteryears were the likes of diokno, tanada, recto and salonga made the senate a truly respectable institution. today, we have the likes of leon guerrero, jinggoy and jamby the usurper and a few more that does not deserve the rightful respect of the people. what future as a people do we have with these people in the senate? what future do we have with all those bozos in the congress spending their pork barrels as if it is their own?

which reminds me of that fresh doctor who topped the medical board exam years ago and who opted to go to the u.s. as a nurse instead of practicing and helping his fellow countrymen as a doctor here in his own country. can we blame him for his decision to migrate to u.s. as a nurse? who are we to judge him when all he wanted to do was to improve the quality of his life and help his family in the philippines. at the rate things are going, one is tempted to ask if one needs a visa to timbuktu.

we are so proud to be a filipino when there is really nothing to be proud of. for every boxing match won, for every revered leader that passed away, for every fil-am that was elected to a state legislature, we beat our chests and declare our pinoy pride. why? how many leaders past and present can we really be proud of? how many achievements can we count on as a people that we can truly be proud of? why is it that we cling to these things as if these are the things that will bind us as a people? is it because, underneath this veneer of chest-beatingt, there is a sense of desperation within us all that there is really nothing that we can claim as our own and thus cling on these achievements as national pride however misplaced these feelings are? you don’t see an american declaring ‘i am proud to be an american’ do you? never see an american declare he or she is proud to be an american just because floyd mayweather floored a non-american. because they don’t need to! it’s all there for the world to see.

we have become a nation of migrants, of thugs and thieves, and a people who refuse to acknowledge the state that we are in. we have been in denial, as a nation, for a long time. we have chosen to be blind in the face of contiuing poverty, corruption and misgovernance .we are a nation that is politically, economically and morally bankrupt. our leaders, past and present, have denied us our potential as a people and as a nation. we, too, as a people, have denied ourselves that same potential to be a nation that is just, free and prosperous.

what this country needs now is short of a miracle. a true leader who has the political will to rid the government of corruption, implement unpopular but much needed reform in our political system and most of all, uphold the law of the land without any qualms. and more importantly, we need, as an individual and as a people, to reform ourselves if we really want this nation to move forward.

we don’t need heroes. we have enough of them to remind us of who we were. we need leaders who will remind us who we are and who we should be.

and as for gloria, senator, congresswoman or private citizen, immunity from prosecution or none, there is a time for reckoning. there always is.

ang sabi nila, ano nga ba naman ang mabuhay ka sa mundo. kailangan mo ba talagang magpakahirap sa trabaho kung pwede ka na lang namang magpakasarap sa buhay. hindi ba kung tutuusin ay isa lang tuldok ang kasaysayan ng ating buhay kung ikukumpara sa kasaysayan ng ating mundo simula pa ng hindi pa naisusulat ang kasaysayan.

siguro naman kung susuriin mo ang ganitong pananaw ay may punto rin naman. ano ba nga naman ang buhay ng isang magsasaka o ang buhay ng isang katulad ni barack obama sa pangkalahatang kasaysayan ng ating mundo? sa tingin mo ba naman na ang e=mc2 ng isang propesor na tila hindi nagsusuklay ng buhok ay may kahihinatnan o importansya? sa tingin mo ba na ang imbensiyon ng telepono ng isang taong nagngangalang bell ay may silbi sa pangkahalatang litrato ng bagay-bagay? sa tingin mo ba, kung saka-sakaling mawawala si bill gates o si warren buffet sa mundong ito, may pakialam ba ang karamihan sa mga taong maiiwan nila? malamang maging laman ng mga pahayagan ng isang linggo at pagkatapos ay mabibilang na lang ang istorya ng buhay nila sa mga librong kinumisyon ng kanilang mga pundasyon o pamilya.

pero bumalik tayo sa puntong kung ang buhay ng isang ordinaryong tao ay tatagal ng mga limampu o hanggang animnapung taon, may kahihinatnan kaya ito sa kasaysayan ng mundong nagkakaedad na nang milyong taon. ano nga ba ang animnapung taong buhay mo, matagumpay ka man sa napili mong propesyon o maging tambay ka man sa kanto skung ikukumpara sa milyong taong kasaysayan ng mundo. so why bother achieving something in your life when you’re nothing but a speck (not even!) in the history of humankind.

pero sa isang banda, kung susuriin mo ang kasaysayan ng mundo, malamang nagkakaskas pa rin tayo ng bato o ng kahoy para lang magkalingas o magkaapoy ang mga hibla ng tuyong dahon kakailangin natin sa pagpapainit ng ating kapaligiran o sa pagluto ng karne ng bagong katay na baboy damo.

dahil na rin siguro sa kolektibong kontribusyon ng ating mga ninuno na napunta tayo sa estado ng ating buhay na kung saan may mga makabagong teknolohiya na nagpapadali sa pamumuhay natin. nandiriyan ang pagliit ng mundo sa pamamagitan ng internet at ang pagsulpot ng mga makabagong komunikasyon katulad ng radyo, telebisyon at selpon.

di rin natin siguro makakaila na sa isang kolektibong aksyon nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang mga minorya ng ating lipunan na magkaroon ng boses di lang sa paggawa ng batas kundi na rin ng partisipasyon sa pagpapatakbo ng gobyerno.

ganito rin siguro ang kailangan natin sa pagtutol sa mga di makatarungang isinasabatas ng ating mga mapanglinlang na mambabatas para lang maipasa ang kani-kaniyang interes. isang kolektibong aksyon na di lang matatapos sa pagsupil sa mga lideratong may hangaring saliwa sa hangarin ng karamihan ng ating mga kababayan. isang kolektibong aksyon na kung saan maipagpapatuloy natin ang pagbantay sa mga lideratong na may pangsariling interes at isang kolektibong aksyon na makakatulong sa ating sariling interes bilang mamamayan ng bansang ito.

maaaring mas kinakailangan nating ang isang matinding kolektibong aksyon di na lang sa paglaban sa mga mapaniil na liderato ng ating bansa kundi na rin isang pandaigdigang kolektibong aksyon upang labanan ang mga modernong problemang kinahaharap ng mundo natin katulad ng polusyon, sa pagkalap ng basura, sa pakikiisa sa pagbigay galang sa inang lupa, ang pagtigil ng iligal na pamumutol ng kahoy, ang paglaban sa paglaya ng ating mga kababayang nalulugmok sa kahirapan, sa mga karumal-dumal na krimen, sa pagkalat ng droga sa ating kapaligiran at marahil marami pang bagay na kinakaharap sa pagsagip ng ating kapaligiran at pati na rin ng mundong siya lang nating matatawag na tirahan.

ang punto ko lang po, kung pagtutulung-tulungan nating lahat ang mga nararapat gawin bilang isang mamamayan ng ating bansa at pati na rin bilang mamamayan ng ating planeta ay magkakaroon ng isang malaking kabuluhan sa pag-usad ng sibilisasyon kung ikukumpara sa maggagawa nating bilang isang indibidwal.

the freak show

June 18, 2009

there was a time in my childhood when the only form of entertainment during town fiestas were the fair (or perya as what we call them) where ferris wheel, octopus, carousel were the available rides and bingo, beto-beto and a shot at a prizes using bb guns are available if you’re not motion-inclined. but still, there were some side shows where all you need is to pay a peso to enter house-like enclosures to see human beings with deformities and billed as such (i.e. the human dolphin) with their limbs like that of a dolphin. these were called freak shows

still, there were some who were viewed as freaks because of their physical attributes like the dwarves or those born without any appendages, deafs, blinds, mutes or simply those with polios.

it is easy to judge these people with disablities as freaks. but are they really freaks? are they really freaks of nature or simply individuals that were born unlike those of us who are complete and ‘normal’.

the way i see it, these people are not freaks. it may not conform to the proper definition of being a freak but still, these are people that didn’t choose to be born with physical aberration. these are normal people who are capable of rational thought and is capable of being productive in a most honest way.

lately, headlines in the local newspapers are filled with people who would push some new laws with their own agenda in mind. some headlines would display ‘normal’ people who would display irrational behaviour such as stealing funds from government coffers.

it is sad that these people who have high educational background would display irrational thoughts or behaviour.

one general who was tasked to manage funds for his organization was found skimming off money and bringing it to the US using his sons, no less, for this illegal act.

another general who was also tasked to manage funds for the Philippine National Police was caught in Russia, of all places, with an undetermined amount of money in his possession.

another general who violated every possible human rights just to further his fight against so-called enemy of the people. 

a former president who has a penchant for merlot of the petrus brand who would play mahjong at the middle of the night with his cronies seemingly with governance not a part of his limited vocabulary.

then there was the zte deal. abalos, jdv, fg, gma and a lot more who have the intention of stealing people blind.

there was also the time when gma herself went on national television categorically stating that she will not run for another term only to renege on her promise and run winning with the help of garci.

and what about the senators outmaneuvering each other so that one or two of  their colleagues won’t get the nod of people come 2010.

there were also local government officials caught for dealing large amounts of illegal drugs.

and what about the judges who would find some technical loopholes to release big time drug dealers.

government employees (from bir, bid, lto, etc) committing fraud and theft like there’s no tomorrow.

last but not least, the members of the lower house of congress. lately, these bunch of nincompoops are pushing for a constituent assembly to prolong gma’s stay on power whether it be the presidency beyond 2010 or changing the system of government so that gma can be voted as a prime minister.

well, we can go about enumerating all these shenanigans in our government and it won’t fit this blog. 

so now, the big question is who are the real freaks? those who were born with disabilities or those who were not born with any physical defects but chose to ignore the rule of law as if they themselves were above the law.

the so-called freak shows of my childhood  is nothing compared with what’s happening to our society now.

the fraud in the present administration  is the real freak show. these shameless people in power who would flaunt their ill-gotten wealth and cling to power at the detriment of the public at large.

it’s one big freak show. and nobody’s enjoying it. when it will end is something only madame auring can predict.


May 1, 2009


the butcher of samar

general palparan



i promised myself to be apolitical and to not write anything about philippine politics here in facebook. in fact, i’ve refrained myself from writing anything political not only here in fb but in my other blogs as well. i’ve gotten calloused by the way this administration has broken every rule in the book. but i just can’t help but comment on this thing about palparan being voted into congress under the party list bantay. it really riled me up. it’s just another manifestation of the brazenness of the gma administration when it comes to shoving into our arse whatever it wants. and doing this with impunity at that. isn’t it pathetic that we, as a people, would simply let gma and her minions do whatever they want to do and get away with it cleanly. from the hello garci scandal, the pidal episode, the piatco terminal, the human rights violations, the nbn-zte fiasco and a lot more that didn’t make it through the headlines. it is simply outrageous that we are letting this happen. they’ve done practically everything to undermine the system that they should be upholding. 

instead of solving the real problems besetting this country- the corruption, the decades old mindanao question, the rights of the indigenous people and other seemingly insurmountable issues, the gma administration seem to be preoccupied in enriching themselves or building a war chest to push their own candidate to capture the 2010 presidency or building a much larger war chest to counter every lawsuit that may come their way once they got booted out of office in 2010. in other words, self-preservation. so what else is new? this did not happen during the cory and fvr administration. but they were not able to answer all the issues besetting the country either. but at least, they contributed something to push our country out of the doldrums.

palparan is nothing but a two-star/bit thug. he;s just another manifestation of the ills the gma administration is all about. how can one let a person who has violated every imaginable human right get voted into congress when, clearly, his party-list bantay didn’t make the cut in the first place. palparan is nothing but a criminal. it’s tiring to see all these shenanigans happen right before our eyes. how can we prevent another occurrence of this type? how can we, as a people, try to stop such brazenness on the part of the powers-that-be?

palparan is just another pawn to (or another vote) to get cha-cha moving in congress. ahh… why is gma so afraid of her shadow that she is so desparate to cling on to the presidency beyond 2010?

clearly, we haven’t matured as a nation. we would vote for every actor, newscaster and trapos out there. i won’t be surprised to see madame auring and diana zubiri voted into congress; and for every mistake that these clowns make, we would just forget everything as if this does not affect our daily lives. corruption has become a way of life and is so accepted by almost every one. it’s one big freak show. when do we learn as a people? learn is the operative word here. we should, on our own little way, educate our neighbors on how not to fall for the promises of these shallow politicians and see them for what they really are- wolves in armani suits who looked after their own interests and not of their constituencies.

educate. educate. educate. let’s do our part before we sink deeper in the muck that we so apathetically, pathetically and unwittingly created for ourselves. start from the grassroots where a lot are prone to promises, the glitter of the personalities and their campaign and the free lunch on every political rally that they attend.

may 2010 is just around the corner and all the viable candidates are not so viable at all. we need someone who has the political will to stop the corruption, the will to say no for every illegal favors being asked of him. someone who can truly usher this nation back to where it was before — when we were the 1st in southeast asia and 2nd only to japan in the whole of asia. i know it’s a momentous task but isn’t it worth the try?

must there be another martial law to keep the people in tow? i think not. but we can definitely change the unethical, immoral things that’s been plaguing this country for so long. all we need is one uber-mensch to clean this up. a strong man maybe but not necessarily a dictator. whoever this person is, he definitely is not included in the list of the viable presidentiable for 2010. one can only hope.

i rest my case. and i just hope that i am still here when we have escaped the vicious cycle that has enveloped us for decades. keeping my fingers crossed.

senator lito lapid on the english language: marunong naman akong mag yes or no at ladies and gentlemen…

cesar montano on pork barrel: …(we) should utilize the proper utilization of the (pork barrel)…


another case of double redundancy, este, redundancy, this time on the senate, is when montano wins and lapid loses in his bid in makati and therefore retains his old seat in the senate. dalawang bobo sa senado.

another example of kamangmangan from another actor running for the senate…

tito sotto on the aquino bugging incident: …kung wala ka namang tinatago e bakit ka matatakot?

hasn’t the good comedian heard of the right to privacy guaranteed the citizens by the constitution itself? isn’t this statement the height of ignorance. this is the sort of argument one would hear in local barbershops and groups of tricycle drivers waiting for their passengers. i am not sure if tito sen is playing it to the masa (to display his masa appeal) or simply hi-fiveing his ignorance. i am inclined to believe that it’s the latter. coming from a former senator, that statement is truly asinine!

now, who among the three is the dumb, the dumberer and the dumberest?

it is easy to forgive these clowns for their intellectually-challenged insights. but what about the chairman of the commission on elections – atty benjamin abalos? when asked to comment (in his capacity as comelec chair) on the unusual upsurge in violence happening nationwide, this was what he had to say: “grabe! tsk… tsk..”

the butcher palparan, as the principal nominee of the party-list bantay, is campaigning nationwide with malacanang and the afp top brass as his backers. a soldier in bulacan was even shot dead pretending to be a civilian posting bantay propaganda materials.

there is a strong indication that soldiers nationwide were being mobilized to help in the campaign not only of palparan’s bantay but also of the other government-supported party-list groups.

it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the iglesia ni kristo turned out to be the second biggest block voter in the coming elections. next to the afp.

i once have a tuta named bantay.

gringo met with gma in malacanang. hohumm…. i wonder what wonderful deals these two are cookin’… i wonder what mischief will happen to our country next…

they never learn… the dilg head tried at the very last hour to serve another suspension order on binay through his usec marius corpus. of course, binay evaded the order by saying it was served beyond office hours. the impasse was resolved only after they both agreed to serve the suspension order this monday. which, as we all know by now, will never happen as dilg sec puno deferred serving the order until after the election. and if binay lose to lapid, the suspension order will become moot and academic. whaaaaaaaat?! so why serve the suspension order on that day in the first place? but again, as we all know, binay wouldn’t let himself lose to lapid, if he can help it. as lapid would probably say of the dilg head, ‘looser!’

but then again, have you forgotten the ramos-remulla tussle when first caviteno and cavite primus maximus juanito remulla, who was then sitting governor, was beaten in remulla country by a tiny wisp of a nincompoop (what was his name again?)courtesy of then prez ramos. outwitted, outgunned and outnumbered. that was how it was when a guv go against a president. what more a mayor? kahit ba makati pa yan e. but hey, gma ain’t no ramos.

have you ever experienced seeing something in the newspaper that would make you wanna laugh out loud or vomit in disgust? this was exactly how i felt when i saw in the inquirer esperon’s expression of ignorance when he was likened by sen salonga to the late fabian ver. ‘clueless’ as to why he was likened to the late great (ver was the ultimate ‘tuta’) ver, esperon tried to cover his ignorance with more of his now patented ignorance. if only men and women are not being killed and/or are disappearing in a faster rate than during the martial law years, that inquirer article would indeed be laughable.

so general esperon, from what floor will you jump? the 8th or the 26th floor?

pichay has lately been feeding press releases to the major news organizations. in the news lately was an article saying that the ilocanos will be voting for him because his mother is originally from isabela. another said that due to pichay’s over-exposure in tv advertisements, he was gaining ground in the latest surveys conducted by both sws and pulse asia.

is pichay conditioning my mind so that when he actually win a senatorial slot, it wouldn’t be said that he won through massive cheating? let’s face it, pichay will only be proclaimed a senator if he is part of some organized and massive cheating scheme. does dagdag-bawas ring a bell?

the same goes true with singson, magsaysay, defensor and much of TU.

what genius a man has to have come up with the concept of dagdag-bawas! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s johnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

a letter to manny

March 23, 2007

dear pacman,

i am writing this letter with pain in my heart.

in this upcoming fight of yours, i wish you well. but i won’t see you fight nor cheer for you as i feverishly did everytime you fought for the glory of the philippines.

this time, i would treat the day of your fight as just like any other ordinary day. i wouldn’t anticipate for it the way i anticipated for your past fights. i wouldn’t talk about you and your fight for days on end like your previous mano-a-manos. i wouldn’t see your fight at sm’s big screen theater and marvel at your boxing prowess. i wouldn’t even watch your fight with solis on tv. nah, this time, i would cool my heels somewhere where there is white sand and salty water and frosty bottles after frosty bottles of san mig light. i wouldn’t gloat if you win. nor sulk if you lose. in fact, i wouldn’t care a hoot whoever wins.

no. i wouldn’t cheer for a person, hero or not, who allow himself to be used by tyrants or near-tyrants.

yours truly,


good news: more money is in circulation in our economy thanks largely to mr pichay who is spending big time on tv advertisements promoting his candidacy.

bad news: my money or your money? your guess is as good as mine.


fearless election forecast for 2007:

the biggest winners: tito sotto, ping lacson, gringo honasan and joan osmena.

the biggest losers: the filipino people


consolation prize is tessie aquino-oreta on the 24th list with chavit rounding the 25th in the latest sws survey. seems like aquino-oreta’s role in the derailment of erap’s impeachment is etched in the minds of the people forevermore.


unlike his aunt, however, noynoy seems a likeable and decent fella. i’d love to write noynoy in my ballot come election day. but the thing is how can i reconcile mr aquino with the bloody dispersal against the farmers of hacienda luisita? oops! another thing… i am not registered to vote this coming election.


it is now official… let it be known that ms kris aquino aka big bird’s wife is now vehemently opposed to lacson’s program of government which in a nutshell is known by its acronym h.o.p.e.


have you seen mr harvey keh’s email that has been circulatiing the mail circuit of late? isn’t it a pity that a boy with so much future would entertain leaving the country because of garci et al? oh please mr keh, don’t lose hope. look at james yap, the guy’s full of hope.


ricky recto vs. vilma santos? poor ricky… when in fact his only mistake was not having nora aunor for his wife…


if ricky is cain and ralph is abel, then is it safe to assume that vilma is the snake? oops… i haven’t read genesis for a long time now.


everytime i see mr ricky recto on tv being interviewed the more i get the impression that he needed psychiatric treatment immediately.


poor batangas! the province that has given so much of its sons and its sons blood (2nd only to cavite of course!) to the nationalist cause is now being lorded over by a jueteng lord and a nut case.


have you ever noticed the frequency of those people climbing the monster billboards of edsa just to show-off or attempt to jump from them? i just heard a reporter (from gma news) ask somebody on ways on how to curb these people from climbing the billboards. duh! why don’t you stop covering these sideshows for a start.


mike enriquez: malalaman po natin kung ilan nga ba ang anak ni sen. ramon revilla sa aming pagbabalik…

kahit po wag na kayong bumalik. who the fuck really cares, mr enriquez, how many children the imbecile of a senator sired in his lifetime? and you call this news mr enriquez? go to belo’s for a change and have a facial. you’ve been patronizing maalikaya for the longest time it’s addling your brain.