pork afritada

September 11, 2008



this pork afritada is different from those tomato sauce-based pork afritada that you’ll see from recipe to recipe. this recipe does not use tomato sauce but instead relies on fresh tomatoes. also, this recipe use sweet potato instead of the usual potatoes that others use. this is the pork afritada that me and my brothers grew up on. simple and easy. an everyday dish that is easy to prepare, try this home-cooked goodness and you’ll love it instantly. pramis.

ahh… pork! who would have thought that a lot of beautiful things can come from such a dirty, beastly and ghastly thing!


1/2 kilo liempo cut into cubes
3 tomatoes
1 sweet potato
1/2 medium-sized onions quartered or sliced longitudinally
1/2 medium-sized green bell pepper
1/2 medium-sized red bell pepper
1/4 cup celery
1 tbspn garlic
1 tbspn rock salt
1 tbspn fine bread crumbs
1 tspn patis

season meat with salt and pepper and set aside for an hour. in a big wok, brown meat on all sides and set aside in one side of the wok. in the same wok, saute the garlic and add onions and tomatoes until onions and tomatoes are limp. blend in the meat and let the whole thing cook for about 5 minutes more. cover the meat with water and bring it all to a boil. add in patis and rock salt. set your heat to its lowest setting once boiling point is achieved and let it simmer for 30 minutes or until pork is tender and alright. in the last ten minutes, add the quartered sweet potatoes, the green and red bell pepper, the tablespoon of fine bread crumbs (as your thickening agent; a tablespoon is enough since we don’t want this thick) and the quarter cup of celery. add salt to taste.

do not overcook the quartered sweet potatoes.
serve with tortang talong (with ground pork or simply eggplant with egg) and hot steamed rice.