this happened a couple of weeks ago when i suddenly woke up from an afternoon siesta feeling so alone and so hungry. and when i looked up at the cheap 3D yellow wall clock, it was already a quarter before 7pm and the 630pm news was way past it’s early headlines.

so i lazily got my butt off the bed and went straight to the kitchen were the water dispenser was and the ref just across it. as i was emptying a glass of dispenser-cold water, i opened the ref and found nothing inside but a solitary lemon in the veggie compartment, the leftover sinaing in a ziplock bag, a salted anchor butter in the butter compartment and a vacuum sealed tuna belly (straight from gen san courtesy of a very good friend who got it from her trip to davao) which had been freezing it over in the freezer compartment for over a week already. of course, there were the usual accoutrements that can only be found in the ref (i.e. a greening philadelphia cream cheese immediately below the egg compartment and just above the butter compartment).

so i opened an above-the-kitchen-sink cabinet hoping for an expired can of master sardines and found nothing in the way of a stash. as i place the vacuum-sealed frozen tuna belly in the thawing tray, i began thinking of the ways on how to attack the beast, fried or what-not. and as a light bulb just went on somewhere inside my skull, i got my wok out and placed it on top of a now on-line stove, high heat. reached out for the lemon and butter inside the ref and got out a tablespoon from its rack. spritz about a tablespoon and a half of minola cooking oil onto the wok, played with the wok for the cooking oil to evenly spread itself out on the surface of the now nicely heated cooking vessel. as soon as the oil let out a trace of smoke, i lowered the bluish flame into low heat and submerged the already freshly salt and peppered tuna belly onto the wok.

(the sound of the thing sizzling was music to the ears of a starving bloke.)

and as i let the slitted belly fry, i melted about two tablespoons of butter onto a pre-heated saucepan; mixing in a tablespoon of lemon in the process. and as i poured the lemon butter compound onto the nicely fried tuna belly, a simply done fried rice (with only salt as its other ingredient) was steaming in a large plastic (unbreakable too!) corelle plate. that was the dinner that amazed me. a very memorable and fulfilling fried-tuna-belly-with-a-lemon-butter-sauce dinner indeed! and of course, my very own version of iced tea on a tall glass garnished with a recylced slice of discarded lemon on the rim. talk about survival skills! hehehe…

    a pound of tuna belly
    fresh lemon (fresh off sm shelf that is!)
    salted butter

the pepper is complaining why it is always

second to salt when it comes to billing

on hindsight, methinks it is better if tuna belly is grilled instead of fried.